niedziela, 20 lipca 2014


Merely a word,
It is the birthplace of imagination,
The seed of hope,
Where wisdom finds strength,
And reason unites with reality,
For circumstance requires solution,
And problems require persistence,
It is the key which opens the door,
Leading from where things are visible,
Into where things remain unseen,
Such is perspective,
For perspective must have wings,
Without which can be seen nothing more,
Except the land where we are,
For perspective takes our minds to new lands,
And where our minds go,
Our feet will follow,
When our minds can see,
What our souls can feel,
And the mind and soul join forces,
In seeking strength from the heart,
For it is from the heart,
We have strength to face the unknown,
Courage to survive the storm,
Excitement to reach the new land,
Passion to take another by the hand,
Yet all these things come together,
Unlocked by one key,
Reinforced by one keystone,
And are supported and made straight,
By the cornerstone of imagination,
The concept that makes,
Faith a powerful gift,
For ordinary men and women,
Took their first step,
 In what they did to change the world,
By embracing the question,
And concept,
Of “If”.

(more to come...)

When the Stones Cry

I hear the voices,
I can hear the voices,
Even the ones who are silent,
Are shouting without words,
I can not dismiss the sound,
As if I have never heard,
Speaking of the games,
Played upon arena fields,
The games of politicians,
And the troubles such games yield,
The games within the workplace,
Or in a family’s life,
With focus lifted and displaced,
From troubles that can not be faced,
Diving into distractions,
So that the mind can be filled,
Temporary circumstances,
Which leave the heart chilled,
For the troubles of life remain,
New doubts arise every day,
Unpredictable circumstances,
Catching us off guard,
Filling life with stress,
Yet the stress remains unrecognized,
We do not wish to face it,
Temporary smiles,
Empty greetings,
And as soon as the face will pass,
So will the smile,
The grim expressions take their hold,
And a terrible toll on reason,
For darkness has taken season,
As confusion breeds doubt,
Doubt creates fear,
Fear causes many to seek shelter,
Often in the wrong places,
I can see it among the faces,
Some wondering why,
God can allow things to happen,
When he will bring joy back
Why has he turned his back,
Yet could it be us?
When things are visible every day,
Just to have the smallest faith,
Knowing things will work out,
Knowing that He bears us love,
It is easy to forget,
So easy,
Yet can we just slow down?
And notice what is in the leaves?
Hummingbirds flying with joy,
Amidst the pollinating bees,
Creatures of the water,
Birds of the sky,
Why then is it only us,
Who seem to ever cry?
Do they remember,
What we have forgotten,
For what they receive,
We have all gotten,
For just to think,
What may happen to us,
Is the force that can undue,
Our hearts and composition,
From what is really true,
It is all about,
What we can do,
The difference we can make,
The words we can say,
The actions we can take,
I can face each day,
With my face in the breeze,
I can face every difficulty,
With this comfort and ease,
Knowing my life,
And ours,
Is in the hand of God,
Exhilarates my heart,
Fills my soul,
And makes me want to shout,
Of the beauty and joy,
Of living and life,
I simply can not be silent,
For the day I stop proclaiming,
These wonderful truths,
Allowing them to die,
Such will be the day,
It will be proclaimed by the world,
And you will hear the stones cry.


The birds are singing,
My heart is full,
For I am given another day,
That is what matters,
Everything matters,
What more am I to say,
For another day is possibility,
Another day of life,
It is problems and difficulties,
Circumstance and strife,
Weariness and fatigue,
And it seems endless,
Sometimes endless,
Yet these are just signs of life,
Signs that we are active,
Clues we are progressing,
Work to be done,
As our race is run,
Making differences,
Each little difference,
Sometimes unseen or felt,
Yet there,
Always there,
Once the difference is done,
It is set into motion,
As an object is set in motion,
For when that object meets others,
Other things are moved,
They are modified,
They are changed,
And so it is,
With the things we do,
So very true,
As our actions seem to matter little,
They are there nonetheless,
Setting other actions in motion,
As an apple seed makes a tree,
That only produces apples,
Our good actions,
Can only produce good,
Setting others in motion,
Motion producing a wave,
The wave transferring energy,
Bringing blessings to the shore,
Yet as light is diffused by matter,
And heat diffused by cold,
Youth is diffused by aging,
Yet the aged need never grow old,
For love is the truest energy,
In life carrying the highest clout,
Love can still be diffused,
By the terrible force of doubt,
While circumstance brings uncertainty,
Into everybody’s view,
When circumstance turns uncertain,
I will remember what is true,
What stands in the heart of my wife,
No matter what occurs,
What we feel for our daughter,
No hardship can ever blur,
For whatever difficulty,
Life may choose to give,
It is within the energy of love,
I choose to live.


Perfect perfection,
The timepiece of life,
Moments fleeting,
Always recorded,
Our feelings on our thoughts,
Life experiences,
Learning from trials,
And battles fought,
Wonderful connections,
That reach from heart to heart,
From the boundaries of reality,
Back to the simplest start,
Precious sharing,
Expands the perspective of love,
Warmth of caring,
A gift given from above,
Eternal are the souls,
That enter our lives,
With everyone we meet,
This treasure we carry,
From Earth to eternity,
From every heartbeat.


They are here,
All of the children,
They are where they should be,
We are here,
With all of the children,
They are smiling to me,
Excited and expectant,
About what we will do,
They put their hearts in everything,
Because their hearts are true,
What they can not say with language,
They express with their eyes,
For their language is silence,
Unless they are laughing,
Or when they cry,
For the thoughts in their minds,
Are invisible to our eyes,
They are children with difficulties,
Handicaps and hardships,
Yet they bring so much joy to life,
For one can make a connection,
When you look her in the eye,
Another will give me focus,
When I tap him on the side,
Yet another will return attention,
It just may take awhile,
For I have attention,
When I give him a smile,
Each has a different way,
Where we can connect,
For each is a different soul,
Unique and precious,
With feelings to feel,
And with thoughts to reflect,
But they all have something in common,
They had it from the start,
Each gives their best,
When you give your heart,
Each one has their way,
Their time to glow,
And if you wish to see it,
Just reach through their window.

Light Through The Window

The first greeting,
A cherished meeting,
The beginning of the day,
You can almost feel it,
Before your eyes can see it,
A stirring,
Gentle yearning,
As the air begins to warm,
With the movement of life,
In the age old gentle way,
From a tent upon the sand dunes,
Before the morning breaks,
Watching the sun come up,
Over an impossible horizon,
Shimmering reflections of life,
Upon the surface of the sea,
Renewing perspective of life,
Astounding vision to see,
And feel,
Wherever I may be,
From home,
From afar,
Within a building,
Within a car,
The early morning light,
Visits us all,
Visiting with a beginning,
To the gift of a day,
Shining light through darkness,
Bringing warmth to the cold,
Spreading delight for the young,
Shining youth to the old,
This is a reminder,
We each need every day,
For each day brings delights,
And it brings trials,
Yet matters of difficulty,
Are but matters of circumstance,
They will come,
And they will go,
As we keep our perspective,
And our faith,
Seeing the light through the window.

The Road Ahead

It always looks different,
In many ways the same,
The scenery changes,
Sometimes leading to the mountains,
Sometimes to the sea,
Upon this road we travel,
In the vehicle of free will,
We can go forward,
We can stand still,
Yet the changing of the road,
Compels me to travel on,
I have seen many a site,
Rivers and valleys,
Mountains and plateaus,
Water falling into a void,
Over a river cascade,
For what is around a bend,
Can never be seen,
Until the road is traveled,
Exploring a discovery,
Sometimes unto treasure,
Sometimes unto pain,
Yet if we do not travel,
For fear of pain,
We can never have the treasures,
Which are truly ours,
A true joy worthy of the traveler,
Whom may be weary,
Yet will rejuvenate,
While given cause to rejoice,
With a voice single or joined with many,
For a confident voice will draw others,
A voice speaking truth,
And reflecting the love of the travel,
For life is discovery,
And living is joy,
As our travels continue,
On the road ahead.